Gorgeous Wooden Watch-  A Perfect Gift

Gorgeous Wooden Watch- A Perfect Gift

As I mentioned in on IG a couples weeks back, James was recently promoted to a managing partner. To say I’m proud of him is a huge understatement! I literally screamed when he called me to tell me the news. I immediately knew that I wanted to give him something unique to celebrate this amazing achievement. Luckily for me, his watch (that I think might have actually been my first ever gift to him) finally gave out and so I went on the hunt to find him a new one that fit his style.


The Watch

I chose JORD because they are different from all the other watches I’ve seen. I absolutely LOVED the fact that they are made out of wood! After scrolling through all the different JORD watches, I finally landed on the Ebony & Iron from their Hyde collection. It’s sleek and masculine, yet rugged and I think it will work perfectly in the restaurant environment. I was absolutely blown away with the presentation of the watch. The storage box is such a fun touch if you’re giving this as a gift!

(If you’re looking for an extra personal gift, you can even have the back of your watch engraved!)



How awesome is the little hidden drawer at the bottom! It’s perfect for a pair of cufflinks (maybe that will be his next present!)

James’ Watch

James absolutely loves his watch and has incorporated it into his daily work attire. The watch looks so handsome on him (although I may be biased). I think I may need to get a matching women’s watch for myself!

I seriously cannot recommend this company enough! I know that I will buy more watches through them in the future. I’ve already caught James scrolling through to add another men’s watch to the collection.

I have a link for you guys to earn a $100 gift card with Wooden Watches by JORD so you can add this awesome accessory to your own wardrobe.

Just click the link below to enter!

JORD Giveaway

I also have a 10% off coupon for you guys!

I would totally love to hear what your favorite gift is that you’ve ever been given or given to someone special! Comment below <3


Wooden Wrist Watch

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