Current Makeup Routine

Current Makeup Routine

Current Makeup Routine –

This quick and easy make up routine is what I have been doing the past couple weeks and loving it! I feel put together but doesn’t require me to spend a lot of time on it which is something I don’t have with virtual learning, running my business and being a full time mama. I just throw on some lounge clothes and I’m ready for the day!

I have linked up all the products that I use but this looks can be very easily recreated using what you already have at home.

First thing, and the MOST important, is skin care. Even of I am having a make up free day, I will always give my skin some love. I pretty much have my skin care down for what works best for my dry and sensitive skin. This moisturizer is new to me, but I’m absolutely hooked. It’s also perfect for a no make up day just to give a little glow.

Next I will apply a CC cream and a tinter moisturizer. I make a little concoction on the back of my hand and apply with my favorite foundation brush. If I am in a rush through, I will totally just use my fingers. I will go in with my ride or die concealer (a little goes a long way) and blend with a damp beauty blender. If you don’t wet the sponge, it will just absorb most of your product at leave you with a very cakey looking face.

I’ll set my under eye with a translucent powder and then bronze my face for a sun kissed look. Tip* use that same bronzer in your crease!

For this looks, I use two coolers for my eyes using this neutral palette. I apply Limit all over my lid and then nooner in the crease focusing on the outer edge of my eye. This palette is one my favorites because it can be used for so many different looks. I’ll share a more glam eye soon!

My biggest tip for eye shadow is to learn your eye shape. (This article helps!) The way I apply might be different from how you would need to.

I apply my primer and mascara, touch up my brows and that’s it! This mascara is the best I have ever used! It doesn’t bleed, waterproof, and comes off easily with warm water.

It definitely sounds like a whole process when it’s all written out but I promise it takes me roughly 5 minutes.

If I’m feeling saucy I will add a lip but for the most part, I just wear a lip mask for a little shine.

There you have it! This current makeup routine helps this tired and busy mama feel put together! I’d love to know if you try it out!

My current Makeup Routine

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