BBG: Bikini Body Guide

BBG: Bikini Body Guide

I have gotten TONS of questions about what I’m doing for my workouts. I’m here to break it all down for you guys and share my secrets. Just’s nothing mysterious, just an awesome app that has workouts, meal plans, and a community to help push you through!

Prior to starting BBG, I had completed two rounds of P90X3 with James about a year ago. However, when he tore his ACL last March and needed it replaced, working out obviously wasn’t something we could do together anymore. Now that surgery is behind us we are slowly able to go on runs and work out together which I am loving! It’s such a great way to bond with hubby.

The point is, I hadn’t worked out consistently in quite some time. I noticed my muscle tone beginning to diminish and I just wasn’t feeling my normal self confidence. I chose BBG over another round of P90X3 for a couple reasons. For one, I didn’t want something as intense on my body. P90X3 is a lot of jumping which is hard on my back. I also really liked the idea of a program that was based around the female body.

What sealed the deal though, is that everything is available through my phone! The Sweat app allows me to access everything I need from my phone whenever I need it. James and I did a BBG work out together in Vegas! I mean, does it get any easier than that?! No more worrying about bringing the DVD pack on vacation anymore!

The sweat app has four different programs you can choose from depending on what you’re looking to do (I chose BBG). Once I finish my 12 week challenge, I’m totally going to try the Mind and Body program! For all you mama’s out there who just had a sweet babe, there is also a post-pregnancy program! I’m telling you, it’s all about empowering women and building confidence from the inside out. What could be better than that!

The program is built around “Resistance”, “Cardio”, “Recovery”, and the “Challenge”. Each week, you complete each of these. They have a calendar part which will map out your workouts for the week (super handy!!)

Resistance:  It’s broken down into three sections (legs, arms/abs, and full body). These are all about building strength and muscle.

Cardio: There are two types of cardio (low-intensity steady state and high-intensity interval training). These get your heart rate pumping and the sweat flowing!

Recovery: Again, it’s broken down into sections based on your needs (rest, upper body, lower body, full body). This is where you will stretch, foam roll, and rest your body after a hard workout.

Challenge: These are tests that will push your body farther than a work out will. You complete the listed exercise as fast as you can. (You will feel this one!)

Okay! Let’s get on to how successful BBG is. We do not have a scale in our house (or at least a functioning one) so loosing pounds was never my goal. However, I have noticed my legs started to tone out significantly, as well as baby abs peaking through. What I’ve noticed the most is the change in my mindset. I didn’t start this program to lose weight. I started it to create a healthy and active lifestyle for me and my family. I normally have a hard time sticking to working out with out a partner, but I’ve really impressed myself. Seven weeks! My body is definitely getting stronger.

I have completely changed the way I eat and rarely find myself craving sugar or processed foods.

I really would recommend the sweat app to anyone out there looking to get active with out needing a gym membership or a DVD player!

I’ll definitely be posting some updated before and afters once I complete the whole program so stay tuned!

I’d love to hear what you guys to do stay active! 

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