My Acne Prone Morning Skin Care Routine

My Acne Prone Morning Skin Care Routine

Holy moly has my skin changed a lot these last couple years. It’s different in texture, level of oil and most importantly the way it needs to be cared for. I used to be able to wear make up daily, wash it off the morning after and still be left with out a blemish. Boy have things changed. I now have sensitive, dry and acne prone skin. I have a naturally red pigment that gets worse when I use products my face doesn’t like. 

It took a couple months to figure out and I’m sure it’s going to change again when my skin does. But I’ve figured out what works well for my skin by switching to natural products and laying off the heavy foundation. 

If I could leave one piece of advice with anyone struggling with their skin it would be that less is more. There is no need for a 13 part skin care routine daily if that doesn’t work for you. Everyone’s skin is different so everyone’s skin care should be different too! Just because you see bloggers on instagram sharing all about this trendy skin care line doesn’t mean it’s what you need. Trust me. Give yourself time and do what works best for you. 

My Morning Skin Care

1. Wash my face with a gentle cleanser and pat dry with a clean towel

2. Apply toner to my face with a cotton pad and let dry

3. Lash conditioner to my lash line

4. Use Vitamin C serum all over my face, neck, and chest

5. Apply face oil 

6. Mineral sun screen to face, neck, chest, and shoulders (SPF is something that is needed daily even if you don’t go outside! You still get light exposure from windows and screens)

That’s it for the skin care! If I want to do a little more I’ll add some concealer under my eyes, add some mascara and throw up on a SPF lip. 


Remember, less is more! My night time skin care is a little different so I’ll share that shortly!

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