Our Annual Camping Trip – Emma Wood State Beach

Our Annual Camping Trip – Emma Wood State Beach

Every year the whole family go on an annual camping trip to the beach. Normally, we go to Carpinteria but their booking system for campsites is super wonky and we didn’t get a spot when we looked back in January…

We ended up camping at Emma Wood State Beach, which was absolutely gorgeous! The campsites are right along the water and were perfect for the kiddos. The surf was also ideal for the little people. I wasn’t worried about anyone getting swept away (that would actually require Mackenzie going completely in the water, which wasn’t about to happen haha).

There were a couple major differences between this years camping trip and our past ones. The biggest on is that Emma Wood is dry camping. Which means no hook ups and no running water. There were porter potties near the entrance but those definitely took some getting used to. I should also note that you need to have a camper/RV in order to stay. They do not allow tents. Make sure that when you go, you bring plenty of fresh water and lots of supplies. Luckily, the campsite is in Ventura and so the main town is just one exit down the freeway.

Even though we didn’t have the amenities we were used to, the location was to die for.

The view from out campsite was absolutely heavenly.

Every night, we all sat down on and enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets which eating dinner.

We have a fun little system where each couples cooks one night and the last night we all go out to eat somewhere fun! This trip we ate at Andria’s which has the BEST fish and chips and is right on the water.

Me-Similar Jean Jacket/leggings/thermal Kenzie-Similar jammies James-Tshirt/similar shorts

The weather was a bit windy most of the days, but the sun broke in the afternoons and we all just had fun on the beach. Mackenzie LOVED playing in the sand. Seriously though, by the end of the trip she was definitely beached out.

Here are some of my camping must haves that I always pack. Be sure to pack for all kinds of weather and don’t forget your UGG’s. They will keep you so cozy you life on the cold nights.

Momma’s Must Haves

I also brought along my newest Amazon loves!

striped swim suit

This camping trip really hit the reset button for me. It was almost completely stress free (minus a couple melt downs) and was so needed. Now that we are all back home and settled in, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle what needs to get done with a clear head.

There is something about camping that calms me. I used to go all the time as a kid (I really think we only went on two hotel vacations). It brings me back to a simpler time and breaks me away from all the life’s crazy. I think some of my favorite childhood memories (and wildest injuries) are from camping as a child. It was so incredible watching Mackenzie make her own life long memories.

I’ve compiled some more must haves for the hubby and kiddo! 

Favorites for Girls

Favorites for Hubby

I would love to hear what your favorite camping spots are or if you’ve ever visited Emma Wood State Beach! Leave a comment below

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