Self Tanning: How to use drops and Butter

Self Tanning: How to use drops and Butter

Holy guacamole it’s been a DAY. Nothing terrible in retrospect to all that’s going on in the world but technology did not want to cooperate with me. When you watch my “how to self tan tutorial” you’ll see what I’m talking about. Obviously I’m no professional but it’s most definitely authentically me! Either way, I’m going to sip my wine, turn The Office on in the background and keep moving forward with this thing! 

Self Tanning

I have been a fan of self tanning for about 5 or 6 years now and have learned MANY lessons along the way. I used to go to salons to get a spray tan until I learned how to do it myself at home with self tanning mousse. I still love the mousse but was eager to dry these drops since my skin is very dry and needed some extra moisture. I’ve used both the butter and the drops 3 times now and am a raving fan! I’ve compiled my thoughts on this new product; including how to apply them! If you need a good laugh, feel free to watch the “tutorial”!

Before you Tan

In order to ensure a smooth and flawless tan application, I always shower, shave, exfoliate and MOISTURIZE the day before I apply my tanner (I also exfoliate my face!)

I used to just do only the first three right before I tanned but was finding that the dryer areas of my body (knees, elbows, and wrists) were very splotchy and way too dark for my liking. Doing my pre-tanning routine the day before allows for my skin to soak up all the extra moisture so that the tanner doesn’t over saturate the naturally dryer areas!

How to apply the drops

The drops can either be applied with a mitt or with bare hands. I have used both and don’t really have a preference to be honest. I might recommend the mitt to someone who is new to tanning but I do feel like it soaks up a lot more of the product which will cause it to be used up quicker. Just note: if I don’t use a mitt, I wash my hands IMMEDIATELY after application or they will turn orange. I’ve found that just rubbing the palms of my hands with a wet wash cloth works best so I don’t wash the tanner off the tops of my hands. 

The rest of it is pretty simple! I take a pump of lotion in my hand, add a couple drops (the more you add, the darker you’ll be), mix it together and apply it to a body part. I repeat this process until my whole body is moisturized.

The face is just the same! I use a dollop of face moisturizer, add in just two drops, mix it together and apply it all over my face. I make sure not to miss my hair line, around my mouth and eyes, as well as my ears!

During this tutorial, I ended up using a lotion I already had on hand (instead of the tanning butter) and I feel like it turned into more of a healthy glow than a true dark tan. Totally fine by me since I am already tan and don’t want to over do it. 

For my initial tan a couple weeks ago, I mixed the drops into the tanning butter and it provided me with a much deeper tan (That being said, I was also the shade of casper the ghost)

Once my whole body is covered, I wait about 20 minutes or so for everything to soak into my skin and then get dressed in something loose fitting, and go about my day as normal! I usually tan at night before I go to bed to ensure everything processes properly without rubbing or washing off but I actually didn’t notice any of that today even after washing my hands like 737,329 times and doing two loads of dishes.

I wouldn’t recommend tanning and then sweating heavily or anything water crazy before it’s done processing but normal daily activities seemed fine for me!

How to apply the butter

I use the butter just like I would any other daily moisturizer (I just make sure to wipe off my palms off after!) 

This butter is incredible! It’s rich and creamy in texture and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized and luscious. The best part about it though is that it has a color corrector! I apply this every other night before bed to even out my tan and keep it lasting longer.

The butter can work by itself too! If you don’t want the drastic results of the tanning drops, just use the butter as a daily moisturizer and it will will create a beautiful gradual glow which is totally buildable depending on your liking! The more you do it, the more you’ll glow!

before and after

I know it doesn’t look too drastic but this application was more to maintain my tan since I do it weekly. I wish I took a before and after photo of me the first time I did used the butter and drops (again, picture casper) The color change was MUCH more noticeable!

final thoughts

Over all, I really like these products! I’m normally a self tanning mousse  user but I’ve been converted! Here’s my final thoughts!

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