Swim Try On

Swim Try On

I am so exited to share this swim wear try on! I ordered some new swim wear a couple weeks to wear on some upcoming vacations but those obviously have been pushed back a bit. Either way, I wanted to share my favorites! I absolutely LOVE the bright colors and flattering cuts them seem to be trending this season!

I have a couple other Zaful suits that I’ve ordered off Amazon, but never directly from the site. I’m impressed! They have tons of options ranging from full coverage to cheeky, and all at an amazing price. I think the most expensive suit was under $15 bucks but still feels like a high end suit. One thing to note, is that the shipping did take about 2 weeks but for the price, you won’t find me complaining!

Zaful Try On Video

I’d love to know what your summer statements will be! I know I’m getting ahead of myself here but I need something to look forward to after quarantine! I cannot wait to sit on a beach with a drink in my hand feeling the sun hit my skin. For now, I’ll just have to resort to the backyard.


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