Weekend Recap: Vegas Baby!

Weekend Recap: Vegas Baby!

This past weekend Mackenzie was up North visiting her mom, so we headed out to Vegas with my in-laws! I think I forgot how important kid free weekends can be. Trips with the family never disappoint but we always seem to leave the strip with the best memories and many laughs. This weekend was no different (minus a dairy reaction Saturday night).

We drove out Thursday night (stayed at the state line) and then checked in at New York New York Friday morning. I do have to say though, come Sunday evening, I was ready to get back to our regular life/schedule. I was Vegas’ed out and I’m still trying to recover!

I did get to use Vegas to try out some of my new outfit purchases. I just had to top everything off with a sweater since I always find myself freezing inside the casinos.

For dinner on Saturday we broke from our norm, left the strip, and ate at the most amazing Italian restaurant. Supposedly it’s one of the last places in vegas owned by the mob (it might require some looking into). Either way, it might be the best food I’ve had in a while (too bad I only got a couple bites in before dairy caught up to me).

Now that I’m back home, I thinking of trying out a cleanse before officially eliminating dairy from my diet. I’ll let you guys know what I do!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend as well

This week is going to be all about getting back to our normal schedule and cleansing my body. I’m thinking it’s much needed after my stomach problems and Vegas drinking.

This weekend marked the end of the “beginning session” of BBG and I’m really starting to notice a difference in my body inside and out. I didn’t start this program in hopes of losing weight, I started it in hopes to change mine and my families lifestyles for the better. Even though I’m not quite half way through, I love the results. My mindset has changed. I have healthy habits that I enjoy in my daily schedule. For the first time in my life, I have followed through with a commitment I have made to myself, for myself.

I also am going to start really working on my gut health which I feel with accelerate my progress, both physically and mentally.

I will totally go into more depth about my experience with BBG once I complete the 12 weeks but I’m just so incredibly proud of my progress so far <3

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  1. Sorry to hear about the dairy! Vegas sounded amazing though, and my new favourite word is “Vegas’d” ??

    1. That’s totally okay! I’ve had a dairy intolerance my whole life it’s just so hard to completely cut out. Vegas was a blast 🙂 Also a fun adult getaway. 🙂

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