13 Ways to boost your mood

13 Ways to boost your mood

Something I don’t always share on here is my daily struggle with anxiety but today seemed fitting because it’s mental health awareness month. My mental health has really been put to the test with COVID-19 and all that’s come with it.

 A couple years ago, it took all my energy and will power to get out to bed in the morning. I just felt like I was going through the motions of life, but not actually enjoying it. When I laughed, I didn’t actually feel happy. I knew that I should be, but I didn’t. I was constantly in my head wondering why I felt the way I did. Thinking there was something wrong with me. Some days, I truly was scared I’d never feel happy again. I remember one trip to Vegas where I really had to force myself to enjoy it. I had to force myself to enjoy spending time with the ones I love because I didn’t love life. I wasn’t happy. I knew that I was fortunate and blessed to have the life I did, but no matter what I did, I just couldn’t be happy. It was scary. It lead to LOTS of anxiety, and a strain on every relationship I had. The anxiety still rears its ugly head but I’ve been fortunate enough to push past my dark days. I’ll share more about it if you’d like but moral of the story is, I was struggling through a HARD depression and didn’t even know it. 

Through a lot of self work, talking, exploring my feelings, and crying, I made it through to a brighter side of life. It was hard. Most days I had to choose joy but you know what, eventually it became easier and I didn’t have to fake it anymore. That being said, not every day is sunshine and rainbows, but I’m able to understand how I’m feeling, let myself feel, and move on. I learned a lot in my journey with depression. Some of which, I still use today when I’m beginning to feel anxiety kick in and that dark cloud come into sight. I hope that if someone out there is feeling this way, I can let them know they are not alone. I know depression can be so isolating and you feel like no one will understand if you tell them how you truly feel but I promise they will. I promise that things will get better if you try. There are thousands of options out there. Meditation, therapy, music, ending toxic relationships, and even medication. It just takes admitting how you feel, and taking that first step towards a change. Life is short my loves, and tomorrow is not promised. Don’t waste a single damn moment feeling hopeless. I know that I’m just another blogger out there in a sea of millions but I’m here. I’m real. You can overcome this. You can find light in your life. You are beautiful. You are loved. You do have a purpose on this planet and this is just part of your journey. 

When I begin to feel anxious or down, I try to incorporate some or all of these 13 techniques to boost my mood. They help me to feel calm and I hope they can help you too. <3

13 Ways to Boost your Mood

1. Create a morning routine

This was a huge one for me. I get up, work out and get myself ready. Just simply changing out of my pajamas and doing my skin care can help immensely with my mood. Your routine doesn’t have to be huge and grand, just something that lets your mind know that the day is starting.

2. Get active

I get my sweat in first thing in the morning which is what works for me. No matter what time of day, getting active (whether that’s a 10 minute walk around the neighborhood or doing a sweaty HIIT work out at home) really helps boost the mood by releasing those happy endorphins! 

3. Open up all the windows/shades and let the sun in

One of my favorite parts of my day is when I open up all the windows and blinds in the house and let the morning air and sunshine in. It brightens up our home and my mind. It the same thing as when the weather is overcast and gloomy for a couple days. Something feels off, and I just feel down. Let that light in! 

4. Get outside

Soaking up some of the suns rays is one of the greatest feelings. It also allows for a change in scenery. Even just taking a loop around your neighborhood can help boost the mood.

5. Start a new project

Sometimes, you just need to put your mind to work on something else. I have done numerous projects so far. I’ve created a chandelier for our master bedroom, cleaned out closets, committed to my blog full time, and also have upped my cooking game. Home Chef has helped with that one! All recipes and ingredients are shipped directly to my house each week. It’s basically fool proof cooking. Click the link for $35 off your first order! (I just want to clarify, this post is not sponsored, they have no idea who I am. I just truly love Home Chef). Having something to really sink your mind into and get creative, helps put the mind at ease. 

6. Unplug

I really need to do this more often. It’s so easy to get sucked into a screen for hours and not even realize it! It’s important to turn it all off and live in the moment especially during this time. I’ve turned off all news notifications on my phone a couple weeks back and it’s made a huge difference in my anxiety levels. I don’t need to know every little thing that’s going on right now. Some may think that’s being ignorant, but it does me no good to go down the rabbit hole that is the internet and put myself into a negative space. Turn that phone off and enjoy the moment. 

7. Take a break

It’s okay to just stop and take a breather. It’s not something I’m good at but I need to do more of it. If all you feel like doing is resting on the couch for a Harry Potter marathon, then do it! Listen to what your body is telling you. Use that time to reset and recharge. The dishes in the sink can wait, take that break!

8. Tidy your space

When my mind feels overwhelmed and all over the place, it helps me to tidy my home. It someone allows me to clean my mind as well. I also have a really hard time being productive when my house is a mess. It doesn’t have to be a huge thorough clean either. I use the “15 minute clean” technique almost daily and it’s been a huge game changer for my mental health.

9. Meditate/Breath

Meditation is all about refocusing your thoughts. It’s an opportunity to stop, and just breath. If you’re not into meditation, try this breathing technique the next time you feel in a negative head space. Breath in deeply through your nose for 5 seconds, hold for 4, out for 8. Do this a couple times until you feel your heart rate start to slow and your mind clear. (I will also do this at night if I can’t seem to quiet my mind and fall asleep)

10. Talk to someone about it

There is something about getting our feelings and worries out in the open that frees the mind. It wasn’t until I verbalized how I felt a few years ago, that things began to change for me. There have been numerous times during this lock down that I have called up a friend just to vent and let it all out. It helps! (just make sure to reciprocate the favor when they call)

11. Write out what you're thankful for

Sometimes seeing a list of everything good in your life really helps to put things into perspective. We have incorporated this into our family dinners. At the table, we each go around and share what our cherry and pits were for the day, and share what we are thankful for. It’s so sweet to see what Kenzie is thankful for. Tonight, she was thankful for us all being close and safe at home. How’s that for a dose of perspective <3

12. Blast music

Turn on your favorite tunes and CRANK it! Follow it up with a kitchen dance party if you’d like. That always puts a smile on my face and loosens the tension.

13. Let it all out

When all else fails, just let it out. Let yourself feel those emotions fully. Let yourself fall to the bathroom floor and cry if you need. Feel it, then let it go. Allow yourself the release! It’s so easy to feel that you need to be strong for everyone else and bottle your emotions. That is what I think really stemmed a lot of my negative emotions. It wasn’t until I starting working through how I felt and allowed myself to feel it, that things started to get better. 


There you have it. Those are 13 techniques that I use to lift my mood. I truly hope that they can help someone struggling today. Life can be hard, and these times are even harder but just remember you’re not going through it alone. We are all struggling to some degree. Remember that this too will pass. The dark cloud will lift away revealing the bright and beautiful sun. It will. I promise. It may not look exactly how we’d like, but the sun always shines after a storm in one way or another!

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