DIY Fringe Chandelier

DIY Fringe Chandelier

The other night, when I was scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled upon a tassel chandelier and fell in love! I started looking for one for our master bedroom and realized they can cost upwards of $300! I figured since I have the time, I would take a stab at making it on my own. I looked up a couple examples I liked, and ordered the supplies I thought I’d need from Michaels. In total, it cost $17 dollars to make! Can’t beat that.

 It’s the perfect addition to our bedroom as I slowly incorporate boho and mid-century modern feels. I have a few other DIY projects to do before it’s complete, but I figured I’d share how I made this chandelier in the mean time!

I will be adding a remote controlled puck light inside it at some point so it can be a functional light. But, for now, I’m keeping it purely decoration. 


Three different sized embroidery hoops (I used 12″, 8″, 6″)

4 balls of yarn (I used )


Measuring tape 

Plastic comb



Ceiling hook

Step 1

Figure out how long you want the fringe to be. Keep in mind, the string will  be folded in half. My yarn had a good amount of stretch to it so I ended up cutting each piece of string at 16″ which stretched to about 18″. 

Step 2

Cut your strings. I laid down the one string I cut with the measure tape and used that as my guide to cut the rest. I didn’t cut them all at once because I wasn’t sure how many I would need. I cut about 75-100 at a time.

Step 3

Using a lark’s head knot (as shown below), tie the string around the embroidery hoop. Repeat until hoop is full. Periodically, gently slide the strings together making sure none of the hoop is showing. Repeat this step until all hoops are done!

Step 4

Gently pull apart the thread into individual pieces. This will create the fringe look! Once a small section is done, take a comb (starting at the bottom) and gently comb through the strings.

Step 5

Carefully steam each fringe ring until desired results. Test a small section first to make sure the yarn can handle it. (You could try a hair straightener too!)

Step 6

I’m sorry I didn’t get better pictures of the last part of this process but I ended up finishing it late at night. Next, tie all the hoops together (one inside the other) Make sure to allow for some space because you want the rings to hang at different levels for the tiered effect. (Tip: in order to hide the yarn holding the pieces together, I pushed the fringe tied to the hoop over a bit so that the new piece fit in seamlessly)

Step 7

Take three pieces of yarn (doubled up) and tie around the largest loop dividing it into three sections, all meeting in the middle. Secure with a jump ring and pinch closed with needle nose pliers. (I added three jump rings for added length) Then attach your chain to the end and pinch closed. (Full disclosure: I did not buy a chain but instead took apart a charm bracelet I had and spray painted it gold. Get creative! My original plan was to hang it with twine, so anything works.)

Step 8

Decide where you want the chandelier to hang and screw a ceiling hook into the ceiling. Hang chandelier and watch your room come to life!

There you have it! It’s not hard to make but definitely time consuming. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing our DIY accent wall next! 

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