Amazon Athletic Wear Haul

Amazon Athletic Wear Haul

Since being at home and working out daily, I’m going through my clothes like crazy! I ordered a bunch of new athletic wear items from Amazon and shared them all on stories today! I’ve saved them in a highlight if you’d like to see how they look in real time. Over all, I’m really excited by most of these! They will be great editions to my wardrobe.


I’ve linked up all the items here for you! I would so greatly appreciate if you do shop, if you’d use my links. I do get a teeny tiny kick back which is helpful in this weird time. But, it also shows me what items you guys like to see so I can show more of it!

Outfit #1

Top: This yoga bra is so delicate and feminine with the wrap style front and thin strapped back. I haven’t done a work out in it, but I think it would also work for low-medium impact activities.

Bottom: These leggings have the cutest cut outs on the back part of the calf. They are very flattering and soft to touch. The only thing that concerns me is is that I think I’d end up pulling them up during high impact. They do have a drawstring which you can tie to your preference.  

Outfit #2

Top: This wrap cropped tee is one of my favorites of the bunch. The cut is very flattering with out squeezing you in like some crops do. The color is a dusty lilac and gorgeous in person. It also comes in lots of other colors!

Bottom: I ended up liking these leggings a lot more than I thought I was going to. They are intended for yoga (based on the name) but I think they would be great for all work outs! The fabric seems like it would be quick drying too during a sweaty session. They have delicate flower shaped cut outs on the calves. Definitely a pair I will reach for often.

Outfit #3

Top: I’ve had my eye on this top for quite some time. Just waiting on the matching bottoms to come back in stock in my size and I’ll grab those too. I’m a sucker for anything with cute star detailing. Hence the choker I wear literally daily. It’s longer than a regular sports bra and almost feels like a top. 

Bottoms: These shorts steal the show!! They are the perfect length too. I’ve really wanted to get into this biker trend but couldn’t seem to find a good length for my body type. Well, I’ve found it! These black shine shorts will not only be cute and practical for summer work outs but I also can’t wait to style them with an oversized graphic tee and a pair of slip ons.

Not pictured

a white sports bra with circular padding that made my chest look oddly shaped. That will be going back.

My all time favorite Aerie play leggings that I ordered in a gorgeous wine color that I shared in my stories!

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