Our cleaning schedule – with free download!

Our cleaning schedule – with free download!

A couple days ago, I shared the command center on our fridge and received lots of love about it! So, I’m sharing our cleaning schedule that actually works! Kenzie has her own chores which she handles, and we take care of the rest.

These charts have not only kept me accountable to keep things tidy, but Kenzie as well. This morning, she had all her tasks completed before we even got out of bed! SAY WHAT?! 

Once we’ve completed a task, we cross it off with a dry erase marker! Easy peasy. When Kenzie is done with her list for the day, she’s earns her screen time. Plus, at the end the week, if everything is crossed off, she gets her $2 allowance to use on whatever she wants!

I’m going for function over beauty here during quarantine so I slid each sheet into a plastic sleeve. At some point, I’ll get them laminated.

How it Works

The cleaning schedule is broken down into four segments.

Daily – needs to get done every day.

Weekly – needs to be completed once a week.

Monthly – tasks that need to only be completed once a month. 

Quarterly – those bigger projects that are to be completed just a few times a year

Once a week, I’ll take this schedule over to my planner and plan out the week ahead. For example, Monday I’m going to clean the toilets and clean out the fridge on top of my daily tasks. This allows me to fit everything into my schedule and keep track of what’s been cleaned! 

The cleaning schedules are downloadable! Just click the links below and fill them out as you’d like. 

Click to Download!

I’d love to hear if these help you keep your home just a little more peaceful during this crazy time!

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