DIY Dresser Refresh

DIY Dresser Refresh

My  favorite thing to do when I am needing a little change in our bedroom is a dresser refresh.  Super simple, but so rewarding!


To start things off, when I’m doing any type of refresh or update, I remove all items on top and clean that bad boy on up! I dusted and polished the wood as well as cleaned up the mirror! Once everything is off and it’s all cleaned up, I look through all the items I decide what should stay and what should find a new home.



I live by the reuse, trash, or donate mindset!

Can you find a new home for an item in your house?

No? —-> Would someone else be able to use this? Y. Donate

No?—>Trash (try and recycle it!)

Again, another amazingly simple, but very rewarding mantra.

Once I’ve decided what items to keep and showcase, I started to build back up the dresser!

DIY Mirrored Tray

This adorable little wall mirror needed a new home so I removed the screws and wall-hangs from the back and BOOM! Done.


I found these amazing jewelry holders at a shop that was going out of business. I was able to snag them both for under $5.00! I am now able to see what jewelry I have with out digging through a jewelry box.

After everything else was put back in place, I added some fresh flowers in a mason jar and the refresh was complete!

I would love to hear some other quick and easy DIY projects you’re loving lately!


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