Transition to Fall Outfits

Transition to Fall Outfits

I don’t know how the weather is behaving everywhere else, but here in SoCal, it’s still pretty warm. It normally wouldn’t be a problem (I love to see the sunshine) except for the fact that I see all these adorable fall wardrobes and I can’t fully partake in the fun.

So, my solution was to put together, what I would like to call, my transition into fall wardrobe. It’s my way of welcoming the fall season without roasting like a marshmallow.

this outfit is literally a go to favorite of mine! These black jeans are so flattering and have the perfect knee cut outs. I bought them at Nordstrom last year and am currently searching for more colors (I’ll keep you posted). I bought this off the shoulder army green top a couple summers ago (Nordstrom) and I’ve found that it’s perfect for any season!

When it does get colder, I can throw a leather jacket on top and add more edge and sass! So easy, I’m telling you!

Okay, so what is fall with out flannel? Not fall! I absolutely adore the cut out shoulders of this top. Perfect for warmer weather!

It can be tied up when being paired with something high waisted or buttoned down with leggings and boots! I also would wear it with a distressed jean skirt but that might be just me (FYI: I remember LOVING jean skirts in middle school and was overly excited when I saw them make a comeback).

This is last fall statement that I could not pass up is comfy, and cozy sweaters. I would literally become a crispy critter if I paired this with a long pants but it’s perfect with a little summer dress. It’s a Win-Win! Still getting use out of summer clothes but with fall vibes.

The sweater and boots were also brought to you by Nordstroms (I swear I shop other places..)

I would love to hear what your fall fashion staples are! I’m always willing to take a trip to good ol’ Nordy!

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