Our wedding

Our wedding

As some of you may know, I married my best friend exactly a year ago last Saturday! As I’m sure most of you do when it nears your anniversary, I’ve pulled out all our wedding photos and am having a fun trip down memory lane.

James and I were married on October 21st 2016 and truly had the wedding of our dreams. At the time, we were living up in Northern California and get married in SoCal. There were a lot of unique challenges that arose from planning a wedding from a far which I will absolutely write a blog post about. I didn’t truly see anything until the day of the wedding. Obviously, I had some photos of what I wanted which I sent to our different vendors but really didn’t get to be super involved. In fact, my amazing in-laws attended our cake tasting for us! I truly would not have been able to do it with out them. I have the BEST in-laws. Truly.





When everything finally came together, I was taken away by it all. It was all that I ever dreamed of and more!


I think the thing I loved the most about our special day was that it truly depicted who we are as a couple. It wasn’t over the top yet was so incredibly fun and a true party. We partied so hard we skipped the send off and stayed until the lights turned on!


I could look at these photos all day long <3



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