Trunk Club

Trunk Club

I’m not sure what it is about this point in my life, but I have had little to no success when it comes to shopping. I could just be really picky, or maybe the styles right now just don’t flatter by body type.Whatever the reason, 90% of the time I head to a store to buy clothes, I leave feeling pretty defeated… When you add a 5-year old into that mix, going into a dressing room sounds down right daunting.

That’s where Trunk Club comes in! Essentially, a stylist through Nordstrom talks with you online and learns about your style and personality. Then, they send you 12 suggestions that they think you will enjoy and will be a fun addition to your closet. Before the trunk arrives, you have a chance to review the items in your trunk. The best part is, once they arrive, you have 5 days to make a decision! I love that! I can wear a pair of shoes around the house for the day and make sure I like them. This actually saved me because the sandals which I thought were going to be my go-to’s felt a bit too tight after a couple hours. Although, I do see that they come in other colors (score) so I might just size up and order a different pair!

I definitely have some items that I will be keeping! This top (which comes is several other colors) seriously screams date night and I feel obligated to listen to it. So James, if you’re reading this, lets go somewhere fun and take this top out for a test drive!

I’m also obsessed with the wedges they sent me. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find me in them all summer long. No joke, you just wait and see haha!

Another perk about this program is that you can tell your stylist when you have certain events coming up. For example, I mentioned that we have a spring wedding coming up. She found me the perfect dress. It hugs my curves in all the right places and has a very sexy neckline. I have the navy option but the pink color is calling my name as well.

All the other cute finds have been linked below

I’ve saved the best for last! This bag. It’s PERFECT.. Which, I realize I have used a lot lately but I’m not even kidding. It’s the ideal mom/on-the go tote. It holds all I need and them some. I’m talking: laptop, planner, notebooks, toys, and all the other purse necessities. Not to mention, it’s reversible! Need I say more?


I hope you all have enjoyed the fun pieces from my trunk! I’d love to know what your spring time staples are going to be this year <3



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  1. Congratulations. Cutest, most refreshing lovely blog by the cutest most refreshing mamma. Love your outlook and positive sentiment to life. Lucky little bonus baby, I know you will love her like you wanted to be loved.
    VERY proud of you! AND, I JUST got a tote like the leather one you are loving, but the one you got from trunk club is mouth watering. Mine is Camel with a reversible cornflour blue. Wish you could be my personal make – over guru. Love you still.
    Mamma Bear xoxoxo

  2. Ps. . . . Always loved your style, so glad to see you sharing it with the world with the bonus of your positivity.

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