Enjoying the little things

Enjoying the little things

“Our greatest natural resource is the mind of our children” -Walt Disney

How true is this statement! Their young and innocent minds still see the world as a magical place where people are good and the day’s always a new adventure.

I wish I could go back to tell my child self to enjoy that time! To relish in the ability to focus on enjoying the day and having fun. But then again, don’t we all? If there was a magical time machine that allowed us to return in time and fix our wrong doings, the world would definitely be a different place. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. All we can do now, is learn and grow everyday.

I have really tried to make more of a concerted effort to see things through my child’s eyes. With hope and confidence. This not only helps build me as a person, but will also allow me to continue to raise a strong confident woman.

So, when the days get tough, or stressful, I make sure I put a smile on my face and enjoy the little things in life because that’s what she would do.

Yesterday, we went to my in-laws neighborhood Easter egg hunt and Mackenzie won a bubble wand. Seeing those bubbles soar around the park just lit up her face entirely. That’s it, blowing bubbles filled up my little girls cup. And having a full cup is so incredibly important.

Motherhood requires so many sacrifices and sometimes, those sacrifices main a cup that is depleting. Unfortunately that just comes with the territory. I constantly feel that I am battling down my anxiety and stresses.

So, I am going to take a page out my five year olds book and enjoy the little things life offers. This morning, as I write this, I am enjoying the beautiful sunlight peaking through my window, a nice comfy bed, a warm cup of coffee and relaxing music. It’s nothing huge, but it’s allowed me to fill my cup back up.

This week, breath a little more and enjoy the little joys. Their little voices as they play with their stuffies, seeing a loved one laugh, or just some you time. Fill your cup up. Because when your cup is full, you are able to help and take care of others with out taking away from yourself.

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