Keeping the Routine

Keeping the Routine

Planner: The Happy Planner

Hello! As I’m writing this update today, I am feeling pretty good about everything. Although nothing in life is perfect, I feel that I’ve gotten back into the schedule and swing of things since everyone being sick and falling into a funk.

Something I have been working on and has made my life (and mornings) easier, is prep. I have started to prepare and plan everything I will need for the next day, the night before. Mackenzie has also been taking part in this. She will help me pack her lunch after dinner and lay out her clothes. This has seemed to successfully eliminate any clothing disagreements the following morning and allows things to flow smoothly.

I am very lucky with how self sufficient she is. She loves to do things herself and I try and foster that. She gets ready for school all by herself and does a really good job at it. This allows me to get myself ready (which I have actually done everyday this week! MOM WIN)

It also has helped my husband because everything is ready for him when he starts his day before us. The coffee just needs to be turned on and his protein shake shook up. THATS IT! It really allows me to do little things for the people I love.

I honestly have no idea why I was doing this any other way! Prep has been live saving, sanity saving, and marriage saving. Not to mention, I feel like a bad ass when everyone has what they need and are happy.

The trick to this routine to succeed is to create it a habit. It takes roughly 21 days to make a habit stick. There are times I’m tired and just want to veg on the couch and watch my trashy shows but I know I will regret it the next day.

I have started to heavily rely on schedules and consistency because it’s what works best for my family. Right now, Kenzie is not in after school activities but that will all change here pretty soon and I’ll have to re-schedule everything again!

Today, I found this adorable calendar at Home Goods and can’t wait to add all our family plans to it!

That’s all for now!


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